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Estimated Cost To Set Up Cattle Feed Plant In India

In India, agriculture is one of the major industries. The high demand of cattle has resulted in requiring more cattle feed plants. There are various businesses (mini, small, medium, and large) involved in the manufacturing cattle feed. Thus, of you are looking for investing in such a business, Keyul Enterprise is the name to trust. The company is not only involved in the manufacturing of technologically advanced cattle feed making machine, but also serve as a strong assistance in setting up a cattle feed plant. As well as If you’re looking for Cattle Feed Plant, get in touch with us immediately.

The machine is fully automatic and has computerized programming for its operation. The machine is also easy to install, operate and consumes relatively less power. The cattle feed machine output can also be adjusted in terms of size or quantity. Moreover, being easy in maintenance, the machine also helps in manufacturing of cattle feed at a more reasonable price.

Purpose Of Cattle Feed Processing

The processed cattle feed is important as these bestow the animals with good health. In the processing of the cattle feed, raw materials such as barley, wheat, sorghum, maize, wheat, etc., are used. These are highly nutritional and also easy to digest. The materials used as roughage such as hay, whole cottonseed, straw, and silage are also used to create cattle feed pellets.

One of the major reasons to process the cattle feed is to alter the moisture content. This further makes storage and carrying of the cattle feed convenient and easy. As being going through various processes, the density of the cattle feed changes. This has also helped in reducing the total transportation cost. Along with this, the machines also help in breaking down the feed into small particles, making it easy for the animals to consume.

Before Animal Feed Processing

The operations involved before putting the raw materials in the animal feed making machine may vary from model to model. Hereunder is just an example of what all preparations you need to do before animal feed processing.

  • Manual or computerized input. This setting is to be done so as to help in maintaining the nutritional content in the cattle feed.
  • Take the raw materials (whole grains or roughage) in the processor and let them grind in the desired size.
  • Use the batch scale to weigh different feed ingredients. Thereafter feed the ingredients into scale hopper.
  • The mixing of the ingredients will depend upon the feed formulation required.
  • Now feed the mixture in the pallet making machine.
  • As soon as the Pallet making is done, transfer the hot pellet to the cooling machine.
  • After cooling the pallets flow easily to the screening machine.
  • The final animal feed is weighed, packed and sealed for storage in the respective warehouses.

So, if you are looking for buying Wood Chipper Machine, Keyul Enterprise is the name to trust. Apart from delivering technologically advanced machines, the company is also known for its excellent after sales services. The company has also appointed professionals to offer round the clock customer assistance services.

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